• Astrology Life & Business Branding

Astrology Life & Business Branding

At ASTRORATIO USA, we aim to improve the lifestyle by using astrology and provide branding and advice to individuals as well as corporates and entrepreneurs. Understand the current situation and look at the timing, when and how it will be easier on the flow, from the movement of the stars and intuition reading, we can teach our clients the best way to demonstrate their abilities according to their biorhythm and personality.

We also hold retreats and seminars that make use of astrology from the viewpoint of the next generation, which integrates the mind and body.

Are you satisfied with the way you work now?

A modern society where various information is flying around. Are you making a lot of twists and turns while imitating the person who went well and you think you can achieve the same kind of success if you do the same?

Is your favorable outcome waiting for you if you do the same way with everyone on SNS?

Our consulting work begins with knowing when you were born.

“Free your spirit and find the way that is not tied to the past experience”
“Nurturing the capacity of yourself while synchronized with the biorhythm of the universe”

At Astroratio USA, our mission statement is for you to accept your own charms and find out the way you are in life.

 It is important to listen to your own mind and body and to measure the timing. We do not encourage that you always try hardest to trailblaze your way.

People have a biorhythm, and there are various times, such as when you let go of tension without overdoing it, or when you push it forward even if you do it for a while.

What we can do for you.

Through listening to the clients/students, we look at each person’s individuality from a fundamental point of view and pour out our minds so that we can demonstrate our ability in the desired direction.

Sticking with the business plan. That’s how normally would be done. However, at Astroratio USA, instead of proposing the same way as everyone else, let’s build a dream while emphasizing your unique personality and thinking together how to glow using your good traits.

From the perspective of “Astrology for the Next Generation”, we read the wave of opportunity and do intuitive reading while in tune with the rhythm of the universe. In addition, to keep the mind and body healthy, we will also tell you how to keep your body flexible, and we can point out and suggest where to train now and how to exercise. While we emphasize of being healthy both physically and mentally, we also support and encourage you from all directions, as it leads to a business practice and a dream for life at the same time.

Vision of Astroratio USA

Living in harmony with the universe, yet facing to the real world, while listening to the voices of each body and soul.To increase the number of people who live creatively in their own way all over the world without comparing with others.

This is our vision, at Astroratio USA.


In life, the number of encounters with each person is limited.


Rather than trying to connect with as many people as possible, we want to value once-in-a-lifetime encounters with careful branding.


Let’s find together the life dream vision that you are creating in the real world, using the astrology that reminds you of living with the rhythm of the universe.


Also, if you want to start doing business in the US or elsewhere, we can also access the genre that brings out your abilities, where to increase opportunities, and when is the best to start a business.

Astrology life and business branding

We support branding of our business members on a monthly basis, but we can do one-off sessions upon request.

As well as general consultations such as your work and relationships with others, love, and marriage, we will provide specific and comprehensive advice as described below.

We meet face to face consultation or using internet medium such as skype or other methods.

After astrology consultation, you can choose to take business branding sessions from our representatives if you are going to do a business in the US.  Please feel free to contact us.

If you think about:
    • I want to know what the sales point of the company or the business is, when is the best time to start, and when should I start a new project.
    • To brand our business or company, we want to know interior image and color according to individuality and unique ability of owner
    •  Employment and involvement of staff. I would like to know how to improve the ability of that person and make it a workplace where each can demonstrate their talent.
    • I want to know the attractiveness as an individual entrepreneur, how to develop individuality, and the timing for planning things. 
    •  I want to know how to brand myself to make attractive. 
    • I want to know how to improve affinity with others, including marriage, love, business partners, etc.?
    •  I want to know how to increase income and how to do business that suits me.
    • I want to know the timing of studying abroad and traveling abroad.
    •  I want to know where in the world I will expand my potential and opportunities.
    • I want to know a place in the US which can bring out my abilities and when is the best time to start business.

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